Request Database Change

The Database Update Request Form should be used to proposed any changes to the content and functionality of the RMI Facility Database. Once submitted, the RMI team will review the proposed change internally and may contact the original submitter for further clarification. All submitted forms will be stored on Sharepoint and approved changes will be discussed at the next available plenary call.

Completed forms may be submitted here.


Request Facility File Review



RMI maintains a members-only database to track basic information about companies that have been identified as actual or potential smelters and refiners.  Basic information includes but is not limited to contact information and location, non-confidential assessment details such as last audit date, cycle, and conformance status, a list of aliases for each facility, affiliation with industry associations, and notes pertaining to correspondence, participation, and status in the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process.

Review for SORs

Understanding that not every smelter or refiner (SOR) is a member of RMI and therefore does not have access to the members-only database, SORs may ask for a review of their file on an annual basis.  The following is the process for that review:

  • Requesting SOR must be participating (active or conformant) in the RMAP specifically (i.e. refiners that are cross-recognized from a partner program are not granted access)
  • Requesting SOR can ask for a review of the database information once per year
  • To request a review, the requesting SOR should contact
  • RMI will host a screen-sharing session on gotomeeting or webex, or whatever format is mutually convenient for the participants
  • The SOR may request edits to the company’s database file only as they pertain to factual inaccuracies
    • For example, a SOR may note that the primary contact for the SOR has changed or the contact details are incorrect
    • A SOR may request that notes be anonymized to protect individuals within the SOR company
    • A SOR may not request a change to status without the requirements of that status being met (for example, an extension on “last audit date” cannot be made without a formal written request)
  • All requests for edits must be made in writing no more than 30 days after the review
  • Once completed, the SOR may review the edits for factual accuracy